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Contact Us About Becoming a Member

Basic Information


  If you have a KYC member sponsoring your submission, please provide the sponsor's name and phone number below. 

Employment Information

 If retired, enter "Retired" as employer and proceed to next step

Spouse/Significant Other

Complete the below only if you desire your spouse or significant other to be a member (Family Membership).    


 If you have a boat, or boats, we'd love to know about it.  Please fill in the section below. The last question "Where Kept" refers to the summer months; for example: KYC, Pedersen's Boat Yard, private mooring etc.

Boat 1 


 Boat 2

Boating Experience and Interests


 If you have children interested in the Junior Sailing Program, please supply the following:  

Child 1  


Child 2 


Child 3 

Club Committee Interests

 The Board of Governors has asked that this section be completed by new members to provide information vital to the efficient operation of the club.

 Committee activity is voluntary but is an excellent way to meet others and can be a lot of fun.  Please indicate 2 to 3 committees on which you may be interested in serving.  Your spouse or significant other may also choose any committees they may have an interest in.

From time to time, the club requires very special skills.  If you have a special skill and would donate your time, please describe your skill.  Thank you for providing the information.