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All KYC members and their guests are invited to attend club events. If you are not a member and would like to learn more about our club by coming to an event, please EMAIL Jess Gregory or call 732-739-0727 to arrange a visit.











Introducing "Live at the Club Bar"

FRIDAY August 15th

KYC's "Live at the Club Bar" welcomes you and your guests.



No tickets, no cover charge, and no minimum. KYC's "Live at the Club Bar" welcomes you and your guests.  Come down and support our local artists/members' work and enjoy. We are blessed with some extraordinary talented musicians at KYC and in the local Keyport area. We encourage everyone to come down and demonstrate our respect and gratitude for their talents and showmanship.

members Jack Tracy and Joel Cunningham
will each play favorite selections on the piano
- starting at 8 PM !

the evening begins with reduced prices from 6 to 8 PM  !

$1 MENU NIGHT !!! - $1 MENU  NIGHT !!! - $1 MENU  NIGHT !!! 
- Dollar Stuffed Tomatoes and Mushrooms! - stuff yerself silly!
Dollar Mini Sandwiches! - buy 'em by the stack!

NEXT WEEK:  Stay tuned for next week's announcement!



Mooring Maintenance



As many may know, recently there have been two boats breaking loose from their moorings in relatively calm conditions. Also, as everyone knows, according to out Standing Rules, it is the responsibility of the member to maintain their mooring. Prudence, you know her, suggests that periodically your mooring tackle be inspected.

Although the officers do not endorse any specific vendors for serving your mooring, the following information has been deemed as possibly something the KYC membership may be interested in.

*** This is a service for our members and does represent any  guarantees, or warranties. ***

The Keyport Yacht Club assumes no liabilities or responsibilities

for any service or product listed below.


My name is Dan Smith Jr. and I have been cleaning boats at KYC for the last 15 years.  One of my customers forwarded your email regarding mooring inspections last week and I've received many inquiries since then. I wanted to share the email I'm sending to my current customers ( below), as well as my overall pricing structure.  
Please reach out if there is another way I can assist the club membership or if you would more clarification.
Dan Smith Jr.
Brothers Diving



I hope you are enjoying the summer so far....

A lot of members have been asking me about inspecting their moorings so I wanted to send you an email explaining what I am doing.  First, I am not comfortable with a "quick" inspection.  To be accurate each link and connection needs to be examined.  You know the saying about the weakest link.  Only one piece in the 50' to 100' long mooring system needs to fail for the entire system to fail.

I will examine each link, shackle, swivel and mushroom and report conditions back to you in a formal report.  For your convenience, I will include the applicable mooring specifications from the KYC bylaws.  I will make no judgments as to the soundness of your mooring system unless a piece of the system is significantly worn and safety is at stake.   It is up to you to judge whether your mooring system is good enough for your boat.

Any email, estimate or report should be in no way considered a guarantee, warrantee or determination about the holding capacity of your mooring system.  I will only report on existing conditions and the regulations of KYC and accept no responsibility whatsoever as to the actual capacity of your mooring.  This is a visual inspection conducted underwater in limited visibility.  All responsibility and authority rests with the mooring owner.

I have attached an estimate for your convenience.  If you would like me to schedule an inspection and give you a report on your mooring set up please respond to this email. 


Pricing based on boat size (and likely chain length):
Under 29'      $98
30' - 35'       $121
36' - 45'       $143
46' and up   $162
Dan Smith Jr.
Brothers Diving




Bill Volk Regatta & RAINE




June 20-22, 2014

Photos Compliments of George A. Reiner







Anyone wanting their own copy

should probably get them from

the www.georgereiner.smugmug.com(click here) site

as they can download full resolution files from there.



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