All KYC members and their guests are invited to attend club events. If you are not a member and would like to learn more about our club by coming to an event, please EMAIL Jess Gregory or call 732-739-0727 to arrange a visit.





Here, you'll find videos about our club,

including the "Living History" from our Centennial Celebration,

 recent Video Vignettes from our Publicity Committe,

as well other videos that help showcase club life.







Stern Posters


Actual Full Size Posters on View (20" x 36") in the Fireplace Room

  To Order Send an Email to



Affinity 1&2
After You 1
Akula 1&2
Amadeus 1
Applied Physics 1&2
Ariel 3 1
Audg 1
Aztec 1
déjà vu 1
Dutch Treat 1
Elisara 1
Evangeline 1
Finding Nemo 1
Five Cs 1
Freedom 1
Great White 1
Impetuous 1
Integrity 1
Isabella 1
Island Time 1
Jammin 1
JR Sail Carolina 1
Katydid 1&2
Magic 1
Manitou 1
Miss Adventure 1
Miss Behavior 1
Mood Indigo 1&2
Njord 1
Observer 1
Observer II 1
Pappilon 1
Patience 1
Pegasus 1
Race Committee 1
Radiance 1
Rebel 1
Retreiver 1
Sal M 1
Sanctuary 1
Santana 1
Sante 1
Scamper 1
Scoundrel 1
Sea Chanter 1
Sea Hawk 1
Seas the Day 1&2
Shooting Star 1
Siren Song 1
Skol 1
SS Minnow 1
Summer Catch 1
Summer Wind 1
Symbiosis 1
Tara 1
Tidewatcher 1
Trail Wind 1
Traveller 1
Tropical Impulse 1
Ventolera 1
1607 2
Affinity 1&2
Akula 1&2
Aleph Knot 2
Andi Rose 2
Apparent Wind 2
Applied Physics 1&2
Black Magic 2
Bluebird II 2
Camelot 2
Carpe Diem 2
Carrie Ann 2
Celtic Star 2
Delfina 2
Deliverance 2
Dulcinea 2
Echo Sound 2
Evelyn 2
Flying Cloud 2
Frog Leap 2
Golden Daze 2
Gratitude 2
Hanusia 2
Hardrada 2
Harmony 2
Hi Railers 2
Hornpipe 2
Katydid 1&2
KYC (Little Red) 2
Marla Mud 2
Mood Indigo 1&2
Natural Selection 2
Navstar 2
Oasis 2
Padma 2
Paradocs 2
Perfect Pitch II 2
Prudence 2
Pygmalion 2
Razzle Dazzle 2
Remedy 2
Ruthless 2
Sea Gal 2
Seaeffpe 2
Seas the Day 1&2
Secrets 2
Seferin 2
Shadowfax 2
Sierra 2
Silken Whisper 2
Summer Song 2
Suzanne 2
Terry and Her Pirates 2
Toucan 2
Tujal 2
Whimbrel 2
Windbairn 2
Windcharm 2
Windward  2
Witch of the Wave 2


Super Bowl






Tranquil sunday


Keyport Yacht Club 

Tranquil Sunday

January 25, 2015   2 pm


Macintosh HD:Users:phyllisbeals:Desktop:images.jpeg

Beams of light seem to beckon us,

yet the message to the mariner is known.

“Be alert sailor- stay away!”

Now we are called to admire,

appreciate and learn more

about the lighthouses of today and yore.


Mark your calendar now so you don't miss out!


New Jersey Lighthouse Society members

Marilyn Dunning & Alan Jacobson will present a slide show & speak on lighthouse-maritime history, preservation efforts and more.


Miniature lighthouses will be on display and facts about NJ lighthouses will be highlighted.



Refreshments will be served. Bar will be open.

Please arrive at 2 pm for refreshments. Talk will begin at 2:15.






Comedy Night
Friday Nights





"Live at the Club Bar"

FRIDAY January 23

KYC's "Live at the Club Bar" welcomes you and your guests.

No tickets, no cover charge, and no minimum. KYC's "Live at the Club Bar" welcomes you and your guests.  Come down and support our local artists/members' work and enjoy. We are blessed with some extraordinary talented musicians at KYC and in the local Keyport area. We encourage everyone to come down and demonstrate our respect and gratitude for their talents and showmanship.

ENTERTAINMENT - starting at 8 PM !  

Karaoke !  Karaoke !  Karaoke ! 

Blast your pipes to your favorite song!

 "I was arrested for lip-syncing karaoke." --Steven Wright   

- the evening begins with:
Reduced prices from 6 to 8 PM  !
ALL NIGHT SPECIALS (while supplies last) !
  • Yuengling Pints $1.50 (regularly $2)
  • House Gin or Vodka Martini or Cosmo $4 (regularly $5)
  • Frontera wines $2
  • Belford Lobster Pot Nut Brown Ale Pinta $3.50
$1 MENU NIGHT !!! - $1 MENU  NIGHT !!! - $1 MENU  NIGHT !!! 
Mini Bacon Cheeseburgers - $1  !!

"The man who invented the hamburger was smart; the man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius."  

--Matthew McConaughey

 Stay tuned for next week's update!!!


Race Mgmnt Seminar


Dear Sailors,
Us racing fanatics are always trying to improve our skill level (so we can bring home more silver trophies at the end of the year).  Every year for the past 6 years or so, we hold a winter class at KYC.  This years event is a basic race management class.  This class is targeting two groups of people, racers who want to understand what the race committee is doing or thinking, and those who are race committee.  For those of you interested in becoming a certified US Sailing Race Officer, the day ends with a take home online test.
We assume that you understand a little bit about sailboat racing, what a mark is, that there are some rules of racing, that there are instructions about the race, and that race committee is in charge of all of this.
Below is the link to sign up for the ODRMS (One Day Race Management Seminar) at Keyport YC on Saturday February 28, 2015. 
You will need to scroll down to find the Keyport sign up (the list is in date order). If you click on the ENROLL NOW, US Sailing walks you through the sign up process. 
I look forward to improving not only our Race Committee skills, but our racing skills as well. 
If you have any questions, please ask me.
Eric Feigel
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