KYC Cruising Challenge

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Make a triangle by visiting any 3 Yacht Clubs.  In this example, we leave KYC and visit RYC, RCYC (or GKYC) and finally AHYC. To earn points you can visit the clubs in any order you choose, over any number of days to make a "triangle".  Competitions will be within your club and between clubs.

The Cruising Challenge is designed to foster social interactions between all our clubs and to encourage our members to sail beyond their local waters.



All 3 points of the triangle must be Yacht Clubs. Your home club may be of the points. Note that only Yacht Clubs are valid destinations.  Marina receipts will not be accepted.

Timing and Triangle Definition

The competition runs from May 1st through October 15th of each year. Your three visits can take place over any period. Receipts/stamps must be provided to show the YC was patronized, however, no two triangles can share a common piece of documentation. In other words, visits to KYC, AHYC, RYC, GKYC and RCYC cannot be arranged into 2 triangles unless there are 2 receipts from one of them on different dates. Cruisers can send scanned or photographed receipts to [email protected].



Cards similar to the one shown will be available to cruisers at the Launch Shack, but any receipt bearing the name of a Yacht Club can also count as documentation. For each triangle created, 3 unique receipts or stamped/signed card must be presented. The signee must be an officer of the club, bartender/waitress or launch driver which MUST be noted on the Title line. Clubs participating in the Bayshore Cruising Challenge will have a unique stamp provided by KYC.  In instances where receipts are not provided, either a properly filled out Cruising Challege card or a slip of paper stamped with the official competition stamp and dated will be accepted. Receipts need not be signed or stamped so long as they are imprinted with the name of the Yacht Club, otherwise, the stamp should be applied.  KYC will supply 2 stamps (one at the bar and one at the Launch Shack) to any club participating in the Bayshore Trophy Challenge.  Receipts can be for any Yacht Club purchase - Ice, Mooring, Bar, Restaurant or Ships Store etc. Other acceptable documentaion includes a copy of your Yacht Club billing statement showing Reciprical Club chargebacks or a credit card statement (with all identifying and card info other than your name removed) showing any Yacht Club charges. Either receipts or cards must be dated during the competition time frame for each year (May through October).



Most Triangles

Awarded to the vessel that completes highest quantity of verified triangles.  There will be 2 classes of competition as follows:
  • Local Area Championship, which will only consider trips in the Raritan Bay, Sandy Hook Bay and Lower NY Harbor area (South of the Verrazano)
  • Overall Most Triangles, which will consider trips to ANY Yacht Club
Cruisers need not submit documentation with either category in mind.  The KYC Cruising committee will sort the documentation and apply it appropriately.

Longest Triangle Distance

Awarded to the vessel whose submitted and verified triangle encompasses the longest distance. Distance will be calculated by the cruising committee using the shortest distance between receipt locations that does not cross land or other non-navigable obstacles regardless of vessel’s actual route. Boating HD will be the tool used to calculate distance.

Bayshore Traveling Trophy

Awarded to the Yacht Club in the Bay Area with the most cumulative triangles among their membership. All submissions need accompanying receipts/stamps/cards following the same rules as above but only those receipts from clubs participating in the Bayshore Challenge will be counted for this award.
QUESTIONS,SIGN UP FOR UPDATES AND SUGGESTIONS: Send us a note at [email protected].