About the Keyport Yacht Club

KYC Anchorage


Keyport Yacht Club has a large mooring field with room for about 160 boats and a dinghy dock. With 10 feet of depth, we can accommodate most yachts. We have two launches that run at busy times. Our launch operators are all Coast Guard certified.


Members own their own mooring anchor, chains, pennants, float and are responsible for their upkeep. When you join the anchorage, the Fleet Captain will assign you a mooring location.


If you decide to join our anchorage, you will enjoy some of the finest sailing and boating on the Raritan Bay!


Download the Fleet Captain’s Guide & Welcome Letter, which provides the necessary steps for obtaining a mooring.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Fleet Captain, Steve Flinchbaugh, with any questions at 727-409-7671 or [email protected].



Winterizing Your Mooring

Members need to contract directly with a service provider of their choosing to winterize their mooring. Service providers who work in the Raritan Bay area are listed below. You will need to contact one of them to arrange winterization. The Club does not endorse one provider over another. 


If you do not take action, your mooring will not be winterized.


Dan Smith

Brother’s Diving


[email protected]


John Pomerehn
Dive Tech NYC
Rob Cunliffe
Nautilus Diving


Tips and resources for the KYC Anchorage 


See a list of KYC-Approved Non-Chain Mooring Pendants


Watch a video on picking up a mooring 


Tips for preparing your boat for a storm 


View the Dinghy Dock Assignment Map 


See a Diagram of a Correct Dinghy line set up