Our location on the Raritan Bay gives KYC members a variety of cruising options. Local New York and New Jersey destinations such as Perth Amboy, Atlantic Highlands, Great Kills and Sheepshead Bay, are within a few hours sail from Keyport. You can also set sail for more distant shores, taking the Atlantic Ocean on the "outside" toward New England or south along the New Jersey coastline and beyond. Just past the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, take the East River to Long Island Sound, where you can visit different yacht clubs along the Long Island and Connecticut shores or continue on to Block Island, Newport and other New England destinations. A cruise up the Hudson River, stopping at different ports along the way, is also a favorite trip for many KYC members. 

Keyport Yacht Club enjoys reciprocal privileges with many other Yacht Clubs in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. We are also a member of the Hudson River Boat & Yacht Cub Association which has 26 members, many of whom offer free overnight stays at their facilities: 

View the list of Reciprocal Yacht Clubs 

Learn more about the Hudson River Boat & Yacht Club Association

The Hudson River Cruising Guide is a great cruising guide to the Hudson River 

If you are new to cruising, check out this series of cruising tips to help you get started. You’ll find practical advice for preparing and provisioning your boat and good practices to follow when you are cruising and visiting different marinas, yacht clubs, and anchorages. 

Cruising Conversation 1 - Prep You and the Boat

Cruising Conversation 2 - Provisioning

Cruising Conversation 3 - Do’s and Dont's

Cruising Destinations Near and Far

If you are curious about cruising in this area, just ask some other club members who will be more than happy to share their cruising experience and knowledge with you or contact the KYC Cruising Chairpersons, at [email protected]

During the season, we’ll post notices of cruising trips to various destinations – both near and far, both impromptu and planned trips – so you can have fun enjoying the cruising life with your fellow KYC members. These notices will be posted on the KYC Facebook page and will be sent through club email. 

In the meantime, check out some of our members’ cruising notes, tips and stories. If you have your own cruising notes to share, please send to [email protected] and watch for more info on cruising right here.


Happenings at Local Clubs

Check out the Galley Menu at Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club on their website!  Friday and Saturday’s they have a dinner service dubbed “The Commodore’s Menu” and on Wednesday, Thurdays, and Sunday they offer a lighter menu called the “Wharf Menu”.  Click here to view the current menu.

Hello KYC cruisers,

The KYC Cruising Challenge season has begun! As you visit KYC and other Yacht Clubs, remember to get proof of your visit! While any dated receipt bearing the name of the yacht club will suffice, we do realize that there are situations where receipts are unavailable. To that end, we've placed official Cruising Challenge cards in the fireplace room and at the Launch shack (see photos). Be sure to always have some with you so you can document your visits. Remember, we don't care how you get there, so keep some in your car too! Any club officer or employee can sign them. We'll also be sending out stamps that the clubs around the Bay should have available to document your visit. We've recommended that they keep one stamp each at their bar and launch shack. ANY dated piece of paper stamped with the official stamp will be accepted. The stamps should be shipped out by weeks end.

REMEMBER - KYC is allowed to be used as a point in any triangle this year so save those bar receipts! 

For complete rules of the Cruising Challenge, visit

Happy Cruising,

The KYC Cruising Committee