About the Keyport Yacht Club

Officers and Trustees



To contact us, send an email by selecting the officers' name:

Commodore - Bob Rupinski 

Vice Commodore -   Sherry Dietz

Rear Commodore -  Jack Tracy

Treasurer - Tony Garrigan

Financial Secretary - James Meissner

Secretary - Ann Quinn   

Fleet Captain - Steve Flinchbaugh

Measurer - Tom Delaney

Immediate Past Commodore - John Keegan

KYC BUSINESS OFFICE / KYC Accountant / Donna McCue: [email protected]





Trustees - 2023

Rich Catena
Joe Fittipaldi
Dan Hudak
Doug Desaulniers
Andy Oeftering

Trustees - 2024

Bill Murray
Vince Rogers
Diane Bonnell
Bill Reseter
Dorcie Wawrzynski

Trustees - 2025

John Clough
Allen Hudson
Paul McKeefry
Suzanne Ryan
Terry Sculac