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All KYC members and their guests are invited to attend club events.

If you are not a member, and you would like to learn more about our club by coming to an event, please EMAIL our Membership Committee or call 732-739-0727 to arrange a visit.


CLICK ON the Event Below that you wish to Sign Up for.

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Anyone wishing to signup anonymously should contact the Chair of the event.

ENTERTAINMENT: Dorcie Wawrzynski
ACTIVITIES: Kathy Puschaver
RACE: Andy Oeftering
JUNIOR SAILING: Brandon Miller

Currently Active Signups

Comedy Night to Benefit Junior Sailing

Discount Paint

We've been able to obtain special, direct from the manufacturer pricing on Blue Water Marine bottom paint as a bulk purchase.  We will get a discount of 15% on a purchase of 25 gallons or a discount of 25% on a purchase of 50 or more gallons.  
 (no commitment at this time)
Sign up here if interested