Racing at Keyport

Keyport Yacht Club Racing 2020

Keyport Racers, Keyport Racers.  The 2020 racing season will be a bit different.  The Race Committee is adjusting normal season scoring and events to encourage participation and fair competition among those skippers (and crew) who may prefer to sail with only immediate family and those who are comfortable with a larger “quarran-team”.  We also want to allow for flexibility as the situation may change over the season.

While this may not please everyone, we hope it will allow us to get out and go sailing!  And we also invite those who may not normally race to give it a try.

Please see the CURRENT RACE SCHEDULE section of the KYC Website for details on what we’re calling the “COVID CUP”.  And join us on the water!

Diane Bonnell

KYC Race Chair 2020