Racing at Keyport

Keyport Yacht Club Racing 2021

Keyport Racers, Keyport Racers!  Racing in Raritan Bay is a longstanding tradition – the first Americas Cup challenges in the 1870’s were held off Staten Island.   And since the founding of the Keyport Yacht Club in 1908, racing has formed a central part of our summer activities.  

As longtime racers know – racing is a great way to improve your skills, spend time on the water, make new friends and spark interesting conversations. As someone once told me – you can always tell when there are racers hanging out in the bar by the “sailing judo” (as if the matching shirts weren’t enough of a giveaway).

Our program welcomes competitors of all skill levels – so join us at Center Mark. Observer III is on station Wednesday’s & Saturday’s. See the CURRENT RACE SCHEDULE page (click HERE) for additional details.

For details on the Bill Volk Regatta and our charity, the RAINE Foundation, please see the Bill Volk Charity Regatta page on our site.

See you on the start line!

Diane Bonnell

2022 Race Chair