PYGMALION our J24 was launched May 31, 2019

SKOL, our Hunter 25 was launched on July 26, 2019

BOTH are ready to SAIL!!

UPTOWN GIRL, our Ericson 26, planned Launch by August 16!

   Skol                                                                           Pygmallion


2019 KYC Boat Share Program

The KYC Boat Share program makes club owned, maintained and equipped sailboats available to KYC members without the need to purchase, insure or deal with all the many maintenance tasks associated with owning a sailboat. As a registered Skipper in the program, you can bring friends and family guests along to share in the fun of sailing the Raritan Bay.

Our boats are cooperatively maintained by Boat Share members, experienced club members and paid professionals. Volunteering as a KYC Boat Share Member to work on the boats, provides not only an opportunity to learn about boat maintenance and tasks from experienced members, but is also an opportunity to be a member of the Boat Share program without additional cost to you.

Our 2019 (July 1 – Oct. 12) fleet of Boat Share vessels include:

  • Pygmalion      J/24     24’    tiller          outboard              
  • Skol               Hunter  25’    tiller          outboard              
  • Uptown Girl    Ericson 26’    wheel       inboard diesel         (early August)

This diverse fleet gives you the opportunity to learn handling characteristics of various boats, all in the same sailing area – or – become very familiar with just one boat.

How to become a Boat Share Skipper:

  • Open to any KYC member.
  1. Complete and Email registration to Boat Share Chair
  2. Pass a sailing proficiency test.
  3. Be checked out on each boat you might use.
  4. Receive an email link to the Boat Share reservation website.
  5. Begin reserving and enjoying the shared boats!

Cost: (2019 program start-up – FREE! FREE! FREE!)

  • Unlimited use       (based on shared availability)
    • $0               commit to 10 hours maintaining the boats.
    • $400 $0      ($200 $0 for senior members)
  • Per use
    • $100 $0      (Charged to KYC account. See Note, below.)


For more info:


  • Our Boat Share Program requires registration, sailing skills and specific boat checkout before reserving and Skippering boats (this includes per-use reservations). Our aim is to ensure you can handle the boat safely and without damage to it or to other boats in the anchorage. We also want to ensure that a committee member has shown you safety equipment locations on each specific boat.
  • You are QUALIFIED as a KYC Boat Share Skipper once you’ve filled out the request form and received approval from the Committee. At that time you will be sent an email with a link allowing you to reserve boats on the KYC Boat Share 2019 reservation website.