PYGMALION our J24 was launched May 31, 2019

and is ready to SAIL!



A Program Providing KYC Members with Access to Club Boats !

New Share-A-Sailboat Program Offered by Keyport Yacht Club

The new Boat Share program at the KYC allows you and your family to use well-maintained, well-equipped club sailboats without the need to buy, insure or deal with the worries that come with owning a boat. You could even invite some friends to join you. Our boats are cooperatively maintained by Boat Share participants (who want to learn how to care for a boat), experienced club members and paid professionals. 

Currently the KYC fleet of Boat Share vessels will include Uptown Girl, an Ericson 26 with wheel and inboard diesel (July);  Skol, a fast Hunter 25 with tiller and outboard (June);  Pygmalion, a  classic J24 with tiller and outboard(AVAILABLE NOW!);  and even an  O’Day 17-foot-day sailor with tiller steering(?).

We are getting the boats ready to be available on the dates noted above, if you wish to Help speed up the process, contact Commodore Ed Mustra at

The program runs from June 1, 2019 through October 12, 2019.

How Do I Join the Boat Share Program?

In order to participate in the Boat Share Program, you must be -- or become -- a member of the club. Cost $400

For those joining the club to participate in this program, the one-year Provisional Membership Plan is ideal.  The Provisional Membership fee for an individual or family is $1344, plus the Boat Share program fee of $400.* For a total cost of only $1744 (plus tax) for the season, you are a member of the club. You and your family can enjoy the use of the boat and a full year of the social, entertainment and educational benefits of Keyport Yacht Club membership. 

Anyone who wants to learn to sail is encouraged take lessons with KYC’s American Sailing Association Affiliated SAILING SCHOOL. Checkout course details on our website:

Members of the club who are not taking part in the Boat Share Program can still use the boats by paying $100 per session, billed to their KYC account.  Should they decide to join the Boat Share Program later; the cost of his or her rentals will be credited to that year’s Boat Share cost. 

Register for the Keyport Yacht Club Boat Share Program (KYC Members Only) will be online soon!

Once registered, Boat Share participants have access to a simple on-line signup procedure to reserve boats. Slots are set up for weekends, holidays, during the week and early evenings.  Program guidelines assure fair and equal access to sign up times and use of the boats.

For KYC members who are not enrolled in the Boat Share Program rental reservations can be made by contacting the Boat Share Program Committee Chair at

For more information or to sign up for the program please contact: Joe Wawrzynski, Boat Share Chair,

 To join the club, please contact Jack Tracy, Membership Chair,

* OUR BOAT SHARE PROGRAM requires sailors to pass a proficiency test before they take the boats out.  Our aim is to ensure you can handle the boat safely and without damage to it or to other boats in the anchorage. You are QUALIFIED to use the KYC Boat Share boats once you’ve filled out the request form and received approval from the Committee.