If you are not accustomed to sailing small day sailors, we suggest that you contact someone familiar with small boats before venturing on your own. Small boats can be very tender and subject to easy capsize!


Also, it is extremely important that you reserve the boats on our Keyport Yacht Club website under the Club Boats Sailing Experience page, Boat Reservations. You must login into our web site with your ID and Password to access the Reservation system. We are requesting that everyone use the reservation system and adhere to the schedule to avoid conflicts. If by chance you take a boat without first reserving it, please check back at the mooring within an hour in case others are waiting.


Click HERE to make a Reservation


Sailing Experience Program Registration






A Sailing Experience Program has been initiated and is now registering members for the 2014 Season.  Contact Ray Nolting at 908-510-6028 or kyc.rc.ray@gmail.com to register. The fee for full participation for the 2014 Season is $150 and checks may be sent by mail to “Keyport Yacht Club, 115 First Street, Keyport, NJ 07735, Attention:  Financial Secretary.”  Please make the check payable to “Keyport Yacht Club, ” indicate on the check the name of the participating member(s), and write “Sailing Experience 2012” in the Memo section.

O'Day 17 foot daysailers are being prepared for launch and operation.  Daily sailing sessions (weather permitting) will be scheduled from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 1:00 PM to 4:00PM.  During the months of June, July, and August a third session daily will be scheduled from 5:00 PM to Sunset.  Each boat has a capacity of 4 persons.

Members will be automatically qualified as Sailing Experience Program skippers when they verify that they:

  • have successfully completed one year of the KYC (or approved equivalent) Junior Sailing Program, or
  • have successfully completed a Small Boat Sailing Course (Certificate Required) from a recognized sailing school, or
  • have owned and operated a sailboat for at least two years, or 
  • have successfully completed the Adult Sailing Program.

Completion of a briefing session is required of all qualified skippers before being allowed to reserve a sailing session. A complete set of Program Rules will be provided to participants.





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