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Hi, My name is Bob Costa, I live in Hazlet, I learned to sail when I was about 14 years old and spent almost every weekend sailing until I was 38, had kids to take care of, and finally had to give it up and sell my 20ft Siren Sloop.

Now I miss sailing, my kids are grown up, and although my sailing terminology might be a little rusty I still remember how to sail. I use to be so good I could pull my boat into a dock without the motor under almost any wind direction. The first lake I sailed in was no motors allowed, so it you wanted to get someplace you did it by wind.

My first boat was a 14’ open cockpit sloop and my second boat was 18’ Siren (also Sloop)

Learned to sail on Swartswood Lake in North Jersey and participated in several sail boat races. Then Spruce Run, Barnegat Bay, and my last time sailing was on the Navesink River where I made Fair Haven Yacht Works my home for 2 summers and lived on my Siren Sale Boat.

I would love to start getting involved with sailing again, I found Keyport Yacht Club very close to where I live. I could either just be an extra set of hands for pleasure sailing or be part of a racing team.

Please contact me at:


Thank You

Bob Costa

Posted @ 8/22/2015 4:09:45 PM by rrobertc@cs.com |

crew available
Hi - I've crewed the WED/SAT races with Bill Kuhl and Steven Braunstein......for several years.....also a friend and neighbor of Ed Yourowski....again available for racing and/or cruising.....Barb D.
Posted @ 7/10/2015 8:16:38 AM by barbara2631@verizon.net |

looking for Sail buddy or 2??
Hi My name is Bethe - my dad Bob and I used to be sailors at Keyport. Our boat was flying Colors.
I was hoping that someone might be interested in our company - particularly a Friday or Sunday afternoon or evening. We could also be a great to help with the trip from Lockwoods to the club.

Let me know if anyone has any interest in hosting us - thank you


Posted @ 4/24/2015 6:18:53 PM by bpg705@aol.com |

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