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A Cruise Departing JULY 2



KYC Cruisers,


Attached is our armada’s sailing itinerary, we welcome other KYC boats to join in on our cruise….  If you are cruising Long Island Sound during these date we are hoping you can find us along your travels and join in for some ports of call.  We’ll have a few guitars on board some boats and just looking to relax and enjoy some good food, drinks and fun !!!    Arrrrgh!!!!!! 


Prices listed on the itinerary are for mooring balls.  There is usually an anchorage area in most ports but some of the boats going on this cruise prefer hooking up to a mooring.  Presently we have 4-6 boats going.


See you all soon.


Fair winds,

Billy BoneZ



~~_/) ~~







:: Wed 06/29/2016 @ 11:24

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