The "Tide Watchers" is an informal group of very dedicated members, mostly retired, who meet almost daily, Monday to Friday, at the Clubhouse to do whatever is necessary to keep the Keyport Yacht Club operating on all cylinders. Almost all of the Tide Watchers are also active members of the House Committee, which keeps the clubhouse in great shape. They recently renovated the Ladies Restroom in the bilge and did the same for the Men's bilge Head last year. Check it out, it looks Great! There are a few pictures of the new Ladies Head included in the slide show of the last Tide Watchers Breakfast.


The Tide Watchers are also currently the Group Chairmen for the Junior Sailing Program. This past winter they repaired and restored all of the club owned Optis, spending over 1500 man hours, specifically Ed Mandel, Chet Galloway, Ed Gittines, Bob Ginda, Stan Reed, and Courtney Brown. Last year, during the winter of 2011, the Tide Watchers restored an O'Day 17 for use in our Sailing Experience Program where KYC members can sign up to use club boats. They did a magnificent restoration of the O'day and the boat was appropriately renamed "Tide Watcher".


Under the auspices of Audrey Ginda, our former Secretary, the Tide Watchers conduct a monthly breakfast, generally the day after the BOG meeting. Cost is usually $4 and the menu varies from the Jersey Breakfast (Porkroll, egg and cheese sandwich and homefries), French Toast, Pancakes, and Sausage each month.  The $4 also includes juice, coffee, or tea. Check the monthly announcement to see the menu each month, everyone is invited. The breakfasts are conducted from September to June, don't miss next month's, the last during boating season. Even though the Tide Watchers only charge $4, a ridiculously low price considering the food and the camaraderie, they manage to make enough profit to buy things for the club. The Tide Watchers purchased the rocking chairs, the deck tables and chairs, a bar stool, a tide clock for the launch shack, and binoculars, from their profits and donated them to KYC for the benefit of all members. Their very first purchase were the blue cushions.  The Tide Watchers are in the process of replacing the rocking chairs with either new ones or seasoned wicker chairs.


If you decide to drop in one morning for coffee and chitchat, remember that Bob Ginda usually brings bagels on Thursday mornings. Just listen in or join their daily morning discussions about everything from the weather, what needs repairing, news and world events, or even sex. Some of the guys who are regulars most days are Ed Mandel, Chet Galloway, Ed Gittines, Courtney Brown, Bob Ginda, Bill McFarland, Pete Van Rixoort, George Wittman, Fred Kreiss, Ken Dietz, and Rich Niekrash.



They do a heck of a lot more than watch the tide come and go!!!

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