KYC Welcomes Young Members With or Without a Boat!

It is not necessary to have a boat

to become a member and enjoy the Club Life !



YOUNG Members shall be between the ages of 21 and 35.

Financial obligations are to be based on age at a lesser rate of an active member.

A YOUNG member may become an ACTIVE member with full voting rights

and opportunity to hold office at any time

upon full payment of the unpaid balance of the current ACTIVE member bond,

initiation fee and dues.


Young member fees are based on the age of the member as of January 1,

except in the year in which he or she joins.

During the year in which a young member first joins

all fees will be based on his/her age at time of application.

Young members pay fees on a sliding scale by age.

The sliding scale is a percentage of the Active member fees ranging from 15% to 75% depending on age.





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