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Rockaway Point Yacht Club Beach Party and Barbecue
Terry Sculac
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Rockaway Point Yacht Club Beach Party and Barbecue

KYC teams with RPYC to celebrate Labor Day

On Sunday September 2nd, a fleet of Keyport Yacht Club boats arrived at Rockaway Point Yacht Club after a weekend of cruising to enjoy a beach barbecue. Boats arrived from several ports of call including Great Kill Harbor, Atlantic Highlands Harbor and Sheepshead Bay.  Over 22 boats from the KYC anchorage attended with some boats carrying crew from other KYC boats and guests.  Over 60 visitors enjoyed the hospitality of RPYC.  A total of 26 boats were represented at the festivities and most anchored overnight.  Several current and past officers of KYC attended including:

  • Vice Commodore Bill Reseter
  • Rear Commodore John Keegan
  • Fleet Captain Bill Mulholland
  • Measurer and Past Commodore Tony Torphy

Crews from the following boats represented KYC at the the event: Black Magic, Breezy Daze, Calypso, Celtic Star, Delfina, Galway Girl, Gratitude, Knot In A Hurry, Magic, Moxie, My Solution, Passing Wind, Perfect Pitch, Sanctuary, Sapphire (Atlantic Highlands), Seacrets, Scamper, Seaeffpe, Steadfast, Tranquility, Tulla II, Wayward Wind, Whiplash



Beach and Deck Barbecue

All members in attendance made this event flow as if everybody knew exactly what to do.  Our entire group made this event wonderful and all deserve credit for the Beach/Deck BBQ’s success and fun. 


Primary Grill Team

Jon Hansen (Tulla II), John Keegan (Magic), Christoph Spath (Delfina) volunteered with cooking the burgers, hot dogs, grilled sausage, baked potatoes and some fixin’s. Bill Mulholland (Celtic Star) cooked some sausage & peppers while Stephanie Biles (My Solution) grilled ribs. Bill Donnelly did yeoman's duty grilling up the Sliders.  Other members jumped in and assisted with the cooking as needed.  All the attending boats supplied an array of salads, chili and other foodstuffs and platters including: shrimp, cheese, crackers, fruits and plenty of assorted desserts. 


KYC members Dave Sliwkoski (Passing Wind), Rick Fontana (Seaeffpe), Bill Reseter (Calypso) and Bill Donnelly donated their talents to provide musical entertainment.

Vice Commodore Bill Reseter and Calypso installed a new ventilation system on a resident sailboat in Sheepshead Bay bringing back fond memories of the Rodney Dangerfield line in Caddy Shack, “Hey, you scratched my anchor.”  Ask Bill for the details, he’d be glad to fill you in. 

All in all, an awesome time was had including an incredible spread of food for all those attending.  Cruisers enjoyed great views of Coney Island and the Manhattan skyline accompanied by a beautiful sunset.  For those who were so inclined, the wonderful RPYC beach provided the opportunity to swim, stroll or just lounge about while relaxing and soaking up the sun.  After anchoring at RPYC overnight, all members of the flotilla returned safely to the KYC anchorage.  Many of the returning cruisers enjoyed grilled hot dogs and all the fixin's at KYC on Monday afternoon.


Returning members of the fleet expressed their appreciation to Rockaway Point Yacht Club who opened their club doors and hearts to KYC providing all the accommodations and amenities including the club house, bathrooms, shower, tables, chairs, grills, utensils and even the kitchen sink!  We thank Commodore Andrew Newman and the entire membership of Rockaway Point Yacht Club for their genuine hospitality, support, and all use of all the accommodations given to KYC’s members and flotilla. RPYC and members were a large part of making this event so much fun.

For their part, RPYC suggested that next year’s KYC’s Labor Day Weekend Raft-up and Beach BBQ could once again be at RPYC with a joint effort Beach and Barbecue Party to be coordinated and attended by both Yacht Clubs.

Anchoring Skills & Ability for RPYC for those interested in a future visit: Intermediate; due to tides, currents, depth, boat traffic and wind conditions.  Know your anchoring tackle and scope requirements.

Pictures of the festivities are available in the KYC Web Page Photo Gallery.


Other Labor Day Events attended by KYC Members


Ray's Sand Bar and Gill

The crew of Sirah Ktana attended the grand opening of Ray's Sand Bar and Gill.  The venue included a spectacular view of Lady Liberty.

Labor Day Barbecue at KYC


Commodore Ed Mustra and several other members enjoyed a Sunday throw down Barbecue at the KYC Club House. Before the BBQ, Past Commodore Ed Mandel captained a crew of Diane Bonnell and Ed Mustra aboard the Club owned J24, PYGMALION, into the bay beyond the main channel. A lively sail from mooring and back without an engine was enjoyed by all. Captain Mandel demonstrated the helm talents and trim knowledge that won many club races in previous years aboard quite a few KYC member boats.  After the sail, dinner was prepared (everyone was asked to bring their own “Protein”). The group shared smoked rib, salmon, tuna, steaks, all types of salads and plenty of dessert. Attendees included:

Ann Quinn

Diane Bonnell

Gayle & Scott Huber

Martha & Rich Neikrash

Steve & Barbara Schinkel

Jan & John Clough

Kurt & Tracy Disney

Angie & Ed Mustra


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Angela Mustra

From Martha Neikrash:

While some of us were unable to cruise with our fellow club members, our “Commodoress” Angie Mustra put a potluck dinner together. Some of the group went sailing and came back to the table set to perfection by Angie, (the place cards and candelabra were a bit much). Everyone was asked to bring their own “Protein” – had to explain to my Rich that it did not mean Gatorade. We shared, smoked rib, salmon, Tuna, steaks, etc. all types of salads and plenty of desert. We had an abundance of food, conversation and plenty of laughs. Scott and I were involved in a deep conversation so we were not able to leave the table to help clean up, although we really, really wanted to help clean the kitchen😃. Someone had to stay at the table to make sure everything was picked up before the deserts came out!

Thank you Angie for putting together a super dinner with fun, interesting friends.

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