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KYC's Zodiac to the rescue!
Terry Sculac
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KYC's Zodiac to the rescue!

Our new RIB gets a workout

This past Sunday, September 30th, 2018, Tony Torphy, Steve Flinchbaugh and John Keegan launched KYC's recently acquired Zodiac Hurricane 540.

Dan Hudak, John Strauss, Tom Delaney and Rich Dworak joined them at the KYC dock and they motored approximately 5 miles west to recover a KYC race mark that had broken free from it's mooring and landed up on the beach in South Amboy.  

Basic operating procedures for the Zodiac were demonstrated and all the volunteers took a turn at the helm on the round-trip voyage to/from South Amboy.

The boat was beached in South Amboy and the crew recovered the race mark.  Steve Flinchbaugh hoisted the race mark on his shoulder and deposited it in the Zodiac.

The rescue operation was at high tide and the winds and seas were relatively calm so there was no excitement getting on or off the beach.  With the help of an oar and a little throttle we were back in deep water and heading back to the KYC anchorage.  The return trip was a bit faster than the outbound voyage and the crew had to hang onto their caps.  One had to be rescued!  The boat performed flawlessly!

After returning to the KYC Dock with Race Mark "C" Tom Delaney and launch operator Jim Oleander practiced some launch procedures with the Zodiac in the anchorage and the Zodiac Hurricane 540 was returned to storage where Tony Torphy and John Keegan hosed it down and prepped it for it's next mission!

It was another fabulous day on the water!
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