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KYC Dock Repairs
Terry Sculac
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KYC Dock Repairs

The docks are now ready for the season

The KT crew repaired the arms, reattached the west float to the pier and installed the ramp. Damaged Pilemates that secure the north end of the finger floats were removed and replacements installed. (A Pilemate is the floating collar linked to the dock that moves up and down on the piling)  A damaged pile at the north end of the pier was replaced and the main float was installed. 

Repairs were made to the north end of the pier and the repaired ramp to the main float installed. Work had to be halted on Saturday because of the strong winds. Then back to work: New pilings were installed to secure the west and south sides of the finger floats and the bridge from the main float to the finger floats was installed.

According to Rear Commodore John Keegan, "The KYC Docks are now ready to open for the 2019 season!"

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