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Soling Hull & Trailer for Free
James Mawby
/ Categories: Boats

Soling Hull & Trailer for Free

Soling was a former Olympic Keelboat Racing class. The hull is 27 feet in length. This boat used to be at Keyport Yacht Club some 30+ years ago. When the former owner passed away it was not used and the heirs gave it to my Dad. Unfortunately, he has not been able to do anything with the boat and it needs folks that can restore it. Hull is on the trailer. It was last moved roughly 6 to 8 months ago (2022) from one storage property to another - so the trailer was operable relatively recent. The one photo I have to offer is from 2022 when it was last moved. No sails, No spars or rigging exist. As-is. Free.

Hull/Trailer is located in Little Silver, NJ. Neighbors are complaining and Town Code Enforcement is threatening to issue summons if not removed. So, hoping this vessel doesn't end up in the scrap heap.

Call James Mawby @ 732.904.3407 or email [email protected].

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