Experience the Joy of Small Boat Sailing! Sail a KYC Daysailer!


Sailing a small engineless daysailer is a blast! Experience the real thing! Bone up on your sailing skills without venturing far from shore. Enjoy being close to the water gurgling at the stern, sailing to interesting shallow places where a big boat can never go! See our beautiful seabirds, egrets, terns, seagulls, ducks, geese, and swans up close and personal. Admire our landscapes, beaches, shores with new eyes, with intimacy.


If you’re without a boat or between boats this season, take out a dinghy and get your sailing fix! 


If you don’t know a dinghy sailor, contact us and we’ll arrange an outing for you with an experienced skipper. 


To qualify and register for this exciting program:


Contact Small Boat Program Chairman Joe Wawrzynski II at


Smooth sailing! 





Our program requires sailors to qualify with the Small Boat Committee before they may register to use the boats. Our aim is to ensure you can handle the boat safely and without damage to it or to other boats in the anchorage. You are QUALIFIED to register once you’ve filled out the qualification form and received approval from the Small Boat Committee. Contact Small Boat Program Chairman Joe Wawrzynski II at to qualify and register for the program.