Application for Provisional Membership


Provisional Membership: Any person over the age of 21, who has not been a previous Keyport Yacht Club Member, may apply for Provisional Membership. Provisional Members are responsible for a payment equal to one year's dues for an Active Membership and if they have a boat, for waterfront services utilized, including launch service and anchorage initiation. Complete fee details are shown on the last page of this application.

At the end of eleven (11) months, the Provisional Member will automatically become an Active Member and will be billed for their bond, initiation fee, and Active membership dues. Active Membership will be complete upon payment of these fees and dues. Failure to pay shall cause the Provisional Membership to cease at the end of 12 months, along with all associated rights and privileges. Provisional Members who do not wish to become an Active Member must notify the Secretary in writing thirty days prior to the expiration of the Provisional Membership. Provisional Members may not vote or hold office but may chair committees.

By submitting the following application, I hereby make application for Provisional Membership in the Keyport Yacht Club, Inc. and I agree to conform to the by-laws, rules and regulations as adopted, or as may be adopted by said club. Termination of membership must be made in writing and all assessments paid up to date of resignation.

I agree and wish to apply online

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